What will 2018 bring us on Instagram?

Instagram, as always, has been getting the attention from all over the world. The 2017 has been a good year (especially for the Instagram itself with millions of new users) for everybody. As some of the most popular IG stars said: “It has been an year full of sparking moments for us”.

Probably most of you are still wondering what will the next, 2018 year bring to us on the field of social media? Well, here are few stuff that you should read about.

  1. New tools

– The changes that the IG developers made, brought different reactions from the users. The new snapchat filters, the boomerang, etc… are just few of the big things that are going to be accompanied with new and more powerful tools in the 2018, that will make everyone being able to “play” with their own photos and videos to gather more followers.

  1. Better advertising system

– If you have noticed, this year, there were thousands of changes to the ads system on instagram. Starting of the new full post ad banners to the My Story updates that came at the last quarter of this year, the system is getting slowly updated to keep the track of a quality network that won’t be problematic and show spam ads to it’s users.

  1. Artificial reach algorithm

– With the new technology being developed, Instagram wants to make a really good wall of photos and videos. Ones that will fulfill your needs of what you actually want to see without getting nervous that it is showing you posts you don’t wanna see from the ones that are actually your own followers and from those that are not.

Knowing that a completely new year is coming, we should get prepared for a new beginning and start once again to get our goals completed so we can stay focused on our own path.

Happy New Year Instagrammers!

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