The short story about Instagram

As a photo sharing social media service, Instagram was released 6 years ago  (October 6, 2010). The creators Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom made the application for iOS at the beginning and what is most interesting, the android version came out 2 years after the iOS one. The Instagram as we currently know, was acquired by Facebook in 2012 where it was bought in stock for about 1 billion of dollars.

According to many experts, Mark made a super decision about buying it and making the followers world a bit more exciting. From that time, a lot of new updates and upgrades are included on the service every week or two where the developers are always surprising us with spectacular and unique fun features. As we could see from the latest updates, they mostly work on adding extra image filters so the people can actually apply effects on their photos.

The trends

With Instagram becoming more and more popular, a lot of new trends appeared where the affected target group are the teens (selfie, hashtag, etc…).

If we talk about the users, the analytics are showing that by the end of 2010, Instagram had around one million of active users versus the number of 600 millions in 2017 (yes, you read that right). Another interesting information is that 68% of the profiles are females while only 32% of them are males. In addition to that, more than 85% of the users is the young population (less than 35 years).

There are lots of other plans for the future of this application. The analyses are also showing that the Instagram will still keep growing and new trends are going to appear that will give the social media world some meaning!

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