New updates coming this season on Instagram!

Seems like that Instagram is not stopping to surprise us with the new updates. Imagine what? This season a new calendar scheduling and carousel ads are coming to this big social network. What is all that about? Lets see!

  1. Instagram Scheduling (Currently in BETA)

– This update will be very useful mostly for the business profiles. Instagram will have it’s very own API code that will help the businesses to automate the events and posts as a whole. Before this, if something like this was needed, the people would have to use a third-party software that not always will work as needed. This, however will not let the profile to “post” the news for you, but give you notification instead. But all this with a combination with other software will do the job as easy as it can be. This is very useful for those that want to increase their followers base, isn’t it?

  1. Carousel Ads to the IG Stories

– Guess what? When this update comes to action, the ads stories can have up to 3 slides. Yet again, this feature will not be favored that much by the users but will be count as great for all the business owners because now they will be able to advertise their product or service on a much higher level that it was possible until now.

In addition to these 2 big updates, Instagram is planning on adding the type-mode for stories (you know this feature from facebook, right?)

If you need to read more about this in details, here a link with all the news related to the latest updates for Instagram:

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