Download & Instructions (Windows)



And Please read the instructions below.


As this application is downloaded directly from our servers, it does not require any special permissions to install. In fact here is no need for installation – when the download finishes, just place the .exe file where you want it and you can start it immediately.

This application is meant as a way for you to acquire followers for your Instagram account. The way the app works is that you have to collect points by doing various tasks that we give you. This is the task-reward system that we mentioned earlier.

Once they are complete, you will be given the appropriate amount of points which you can then spend on getting followers. The ratio of points to followers is 1:1, meaning you get 1 follower for every point you spend. THIS WILL WORK FOR PUBLIC INSTAGRAM PROFILES ONLY!

As a sign up bonus, you get 10 points to start off. However for more than that, you have to continue completing tasks. There is a minimum when requiring followers, that number being five, whereas the maximum is however many points you have gathered so far.

Once the request goes through, the requested points will be deducted from your account and the Instagram followers will be added to your Instagram profile within 24 hours. If, for some reason the request fails to send itself, the points will not be taken.

As an after-note, we submitted our app through rigorous anti malware tests. You can check out the results here with theĀ virus total scan.