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You are very excited just by reading the title about the free instagram followers, am I right? You want to be something that you have dreamed about? In this article you will learn how to properly increase your followers on instagram with and without using our online tool. Keep Reading!

The social media network called Instagram

In the year of 2010, Mike and Kevin came up with the idea to create a social network that will be a little bit different than the other popular ones at that time. A network that is going to be defined as an album for photos and videos of the users. As well as to be able to share them with your friends (in this case, followers). The more important fact in all of this is that in 2012, Instagram was bought by Facebook for about 1 billion of dollars. Since then, the applications for Android and iOS became really popular and new features were added every week or two (image and video filters, zoom, etc, etc). There also many trends that are being active on instagram making the social activity even more interesting for all of the users every single day (for example, the hashtags).

In addition, Instagram makes everyone impressed of the features and how the followers impact the sharing.

Having lots of instagram followers?

As everyone knows, same as Twitter and Facebook, having a lot of followers means being popular. Getting them is not easy knowing the fact that not everyone is a movie star, a singer or a vine actor.

There are lots of services that will provide 100% real and most important – active followers, for money (we recommend Buyinstfollowers if you are up for buying followers, as we have tried their service several times and we are really happy with the results we got) and there are also many fake services that state they give free instagram followers and the only thing you get from them is the wasted time you could use for something worth the effort.

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How to get free instagram followers from us

Knowing the fact that we are pretty old service (almost 2 years), we have lots of users that went through our online generator and have generated lots of followers for their Instagram profile. Maybe you will ask yourself, how are we different than the other “real” services. Well, the answer is pretty simple – you are NOT required to download a single thing. All of the action is done on the website and it is not taking more than 2 minutes to fully complete it.

Our service works for generating up to 10.000 followers per 24 hours per account. IG staff may take counter measures if you do otherwise.

Things to remember before using the free instagram followers tool:

  • You have to have your profile set to PUBLIC. This will not work on profiles that they have the PRIVATE option enabled
  • DO NOT generate more than 1000 followers per day on profiles that are not older than 60 days. If you do, you will get your profile blocked for 30 days (read Instagram’s terms).
  • About 85% of the given followers will be real and the rest will not.
  • We do not take any responsibility for whatever happens after using the generator but we did not have a single complaint so far from anyone about problems regarding banning and such.
  • This is made mostly for testing purpose and any overuse of the tool will result in you not being able to use the tool again for your IP address as well as the same IG profile.


Usage of the Instagram followers generator

As stated from above, the generator is pretty easy for using:

  1. Write down your Instagram username and click Connect
  2. Wait for the generator to find and analyze your profile
  3. Enter your desired amount of followers (be careful about this) and a contact email address.
  4. Click Update and wait for the generator to finish.
  5. Verify that you do not use any bots to auto-generate followers and you are ready to go!

What can really go wrong with this Instagram followers tool?

Nothing really if you carefully follow the steps shown above and you follow everything we wrote few paragraphs ago.You are always more than welcome to leave a message and contact us if you get into a problem so we can fix it as soon as possible and prevent other issues that can appear from that. Followers-Like is known for many users that have used our service. You are free to ask questions in the comments section below and get answers from our daily active visitors. They will surely ensure you about the information we have stated here.

Get lots of followers for Instagram naturally

The natural way of building followers is always the best, according to us. Not long ago we have wrote an article about this (Get free followers for instagram without a service) where we have explained everything about this matter in few lines of text. What is really important is how you want to have your social activity available to the public. Buying followers, getting free instagram followers or growing your profile by itself, slowly, day by day. All of these methods will work for you, but it is up to you to decide which one will fulfill your needs without ruining what you have been planning to do, as the social networks can do a huge impact on how you live your life.

Here we share a video of some instagram’s interesting features that will help you increase your followers.

We are happy that you are our visitor and we would like if you come to visit us again. Motivation gets to us by all of you people because we do it that way. As a team, we want suggestions and we would love if you reach us to share your opinions. It is important to us so we can get more free instagram followers for all of our visitors. Have a great day and do not forget to share your experience here with your friends.

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