Free Instagram Followers Newest Method

Free Instagram Followers Newest Method

*March 2018*


As we are getting into 2018, we want to thank you for your support through the year and we wish you a very happy moments in the new year. It is our pleasure to inform you (our gift for you) that the generator for instagram followers has been recently updated and it should be working in full power once again, free instagram followers for everyone! Don’t forget to read the news in our blog section to always be informed about the news coming out of Instagram!

You have come to this website to find a way of how to get free instagram followers, am I right? Well, you found the right website for your request. Here we are not talking about some instagram followers hack but for real followers following your account.

In this post, we are going to write a short review about the method and will explain every single step separately. Please read everything and do not miss a thing that will result in a wrong usage from your side.

free instagram followers

Why is Instagram so important?

As a social network, instagram is getting popular every day and the possibilities you can use from the website and its applications are enormous.

Being part of something that big is opening a lot of “doors”. Everyone wants to become the star as quick as possible. Whether you want to make your private profile popular or your business, our instagram followers tool will perfectly fits you.

How to get free instagram followers?

Few lines below, you will find our generator where you can put the number (limited) of followers you want on your account, as well as your username. It is important that the account is public and is older than 30 days. We can not deliver anything to profiles set to private.

The followers-like is not connected to instagram or any other third-party company on any way.

If this instagram followers method is not working for you:

  • You can try again after 24 hours.
  • Wait for few weeks until we finish and present a new way where you can get them in an instant.
  • Try to contact us so we can take a deeper look over the problem.

How to use the instagram followers tool?

  1. Enter the username of your instagram profile
  2. Wait for some time until the process is done from our system (be patient).
  3. Verify that they are arrived and you are done!

Free Followers

Enter your instagram username and number of followers (Maximum of 20.000). The followers will be added within 5 minutes.


Instagram Username:

Number of followers:



Other ways of getting free instagram followers?

Except using our tool, there are plenty of different ways to become popular on one of the biggest networks on the internet.

– Following and liking.
By following random people (of your interests) and liking their videos and pictures is proven that increase the followers rate. How? – they will be happy of you actually doing that and 80% of them are going to follow you back.

– Posting hashtags

People love to use hashtags, as well as checking them for several times in a day. So if you are taking a good number of pictures on a daily basis, then your best thing to do is to post popular hashtags along with your post. Do not be afraid to use many hashtags so that you can gather more free instagram followers each time you do that.

– Buying followers

This is something that should be your last option, but I would say, it should also be your best asset.
When we talk about spending money to get the instagram popularity everyone is seeking – it is not a bad option after all. The thing that matters here is are you going to find the real and those that are not fake sellers. So far, we have not found very good seller and we can not recommend anything, but I assure you that once you find it, spending some bucks will surely make you more than happy about the results.

Need more details about the promotions?

For more interesting posts, you can check our blog and find all of the information you need.

The followers for instagram we provide can not be found on any other place. That is due to the fact we do not use anything that will be against the terms and we do not use any hacks and tricky ways of delivering them.

 A video example of the method:

If you are stuck somewhere or you have something to report, please use the contact page to reach us. When explaining what is wrong with as much information as possible we can act fast without delays.



1. As of the above stated date, we have updated the generator and fixed several issues that were probably making problems with generating the instagram followers in the last few days. We are now happy to announce that everything should be back to its working state now and knowing that, you are welcome to use our service again and generate your free followers!

2. The maximum limit for generating has been decreased to 20.000 followers per account. We did this to be able to manage long time connection between us and the users. There were too many bot requests lately and because of that we had to do some counter measures. However, we have also disabled the generator for video and image likes until we find a better way of managing the service for our public. We will still be able to deliver free likes to some of our old customers, but for that to happen they have to contact us directly using the mailing system from the menu above.

By leaving a feedback below, you show the others the outcome of our instagram tool. Thank you for your time.

New updates coming this season on Instagram!

New updates coming this season on Instagram!

Seems like that Instagram is not stopping to surprise us with the new updates. Imagine what? This season a new calendar scheduling and carousel ads are coming to this big social network. What is all that about? Lets see!

  1. Instagram Scheduling (Currently in BETA)

– This update will be very useful mostly for the business profiles. Instagram will have it’s very own API code that will help the businesses to automate the events and posts as a whole. Before this, if something like this was needed, the people would have to use a third-party software that not always will work as needed. This, however will not let the profile to “post” the news for you, but give you notification instead. But all this with a combination with other software will do the job as easy as it can be. This is very useful for those that want to increase their followers base, isn’t it?

  1. Carousel Ads to the IG Stories

– Guess what? When this update comes to action, the ads stories can have up to 3 slides. Yet again, this feature will not be favored that much by the users but will be count as great for all the business owners because now they will be able to advertise their product or service on a much higher level that it was possible until now.

In addition to these 2 big updates, Instagram is planning on adding the type-mode for stories (you know this feature from facebook, right?)

If you need to read more about this in details, here a link with all the news related to the latest updates for Instagram:

Instagram Will Notify Users When Screenshot is Made?

Seems like Instagram is testing a totally new feature that will be a pretty bad change for those that make screenshots out of the friends story.

The people that will post something new on their story, next to the picture and name of the person that have seen the story, there will be a new small camera-loading icon that will indicate whether the person took a screenshot or not.

This new addition is still in a test period and the it is unknown whether Instagram will actually roll this update for all the users and make it a permanent change to their platform.

What will 2018 bring us on Instagram?

What will 2018 bring us on Instagram?

Instagram, as always, has been getting the attention from all over the world. The 2017 has been a good year (especially for the Instagram itself with millions of new users) for everybody. As some of the most popular IG stars said: “It has been an year full of sparking moments for us”.

Probably most of you are still wondering what will the next, 2018 year bring to us on the field of social media? Well, here are few stuff that you should read about.

  1. New tools

– The changes that the IG developers made, brought different reactions from the users. The new snapchat filters, the boomerang, etc… are just few of the big things that are going to be accompanied with new and more powerful tools in the 2018, that will make everyone being able to “play” with their own photos and videos to gather more followers.

  1. Better advertising system

– If you have noticed, this year, there were thousands of changes to the ads system on instagram. Starting of the new full post ad banners to the My Story updates that came at the last quarter of this year, the system is getting slowly updated to keep the track of a quality network that won’t be problematic and show spam ads to it’s users.

  1. Artificial reach algorithm

– With the new technology being developed, Instagram wants to make a really good wall of photos and videos. Ones that will fulfill your needs of what you actually want to see without getting nervous that it is showing you posts you don’t wanna see from the ones that are actually your own followers and from those that are not.

Knowing that a completely new year is coming, we should get prepared for a new beginning and start once again to get our goals completed so we can stay focused on our own path.

Happy New Year Instagrammers!

Instagram Followers 2017 – Free Solution by Followers Like

Instagram Followers 2017 – Free Solution by Followers Like

You are very excited just by reading the title about the free instagram followers, am I right? You want to be something that you have dreamed about? In this article you will learn how to properly increase your followers on instagram with and without using our online tool. Keep Reading!

The social media network called Instagram

In the year of 2010, Mike and Kevin came up with the idea to create a social network that will be a little bit different than the other popular ones at that time. A network that is going to be defined as an album for photos and videos of the users. As well as to be able to share them with your friends (in this case, followers). The more important fact in all of this is that in 2012, Instagram was bought by Facebook for about 1 billion of dollars. Since then, the applications for Android and iOS became really popular and new features were added every week or two (image and video filters, zoom, etc, etc). There also many trends that are being active on instagram making the social activity even more interesting for all of the users every single day (for example, the hashtags).

In addition, Instagram makes everyone impressed of the features and how the followers impact the sharing.

Having lots of instagram followers?

As everyone knows, same as Twitter and Facebook, having a lot of followers means being popular. Getting them is not easy knowing the fact that not everyone is a movie star, a singer or a vine actor.

There are lots of services that will provide 100% real and most important – active followers, for money (we recommend Buyinstfollowers if you are up for buying followers, as we have tried their service several times and we are really happy with the results we got) and there are also many fake services that state they give free instagram followers and the only thing you get from them is the wasted time you could use for something worth the effort.

instagram followers

How to get free instagram followers from us

Knowing the fact that we are pretty old service (almost 2 years), we have lots of users that went through our online generator and have generated lots of followers for their Instagram profile. Maybe you will ask yourself, how are we different than the other “real” services. Well, the answer is pretty simple – you are NOT required to download a single thing. All of the action is done on the website and it is not taking more than 2 minutes to fully complete it.

Our service works for generating up to 10.000 followers per 24 hours per account. IG staff may take counter measures if you do otherwise.

Things to remember before using the free instagram followers tool:

  • You have to have your profile set to PUBLIC. This will not work on profiles that they have the PRIVATE option enabled
  • DO NOT generate more than 1000 followers per day on profiles that are not older than 60 days. If you do, you will get your profile blocked for 30 days (read Instagram’s terms).
  • About 85% of the given followers will be real and the rest will not.
  • We do not take any responsibility for whatever happens after using the generator but we did not have a single complaint so far from anyone about problems regarding banning and such.
  • This is made mostly for testing purpose and any overuse of the tool will result in you not being able to use the tool again for your IP address as well as the same IG profile.


Usage of the Instagram followers generator

As stated from above, the generator is pretty easy for using:

  1. Write down your Instagram username and click Connect
  2. Wait for the generator to find and analyze your profile
  3. Enter your desired amount of followers (be careful about this) and a contact email address.
  4. Click Update and wait for the generator to finish.
  5. Verify that you do not use any bots to auto-generate followers and you are ready to go!

What can really go wrong with this Instagram followers tool?

Nothing really if you carefully follow the steps shown above and you follow everything we wrote few paragraphs ago.You are always more than welcome to leave a message and contact us if you get into a problem so we can fix it as soon as possible and prevent other issues that can appear from that. Followers-Like is known for many users that have used our service. You are free to ask questions in the comments section below and get answers from our daily active visitors. They will surely ensure you about the information we have stated here.

Get lots of followers for Instagram naturally

The natural way of building followers is always the best, according to us. Not long ago we have wrote an article about this (Get free followers for instagram without a service) where we have explained everything about this matter in few lines of text. What is really important is how you want to have your social activity available to the public. Buying followers, getting free instagram followers or growing your profile by itself, slowly, day by day. All of these methods will work for you, but it is up to you to decide which one will fulfill your needs without ruining what you have been planning to do, as the social networks can do a huge impact on how you live your life.

Here we share a video of some instagram’s interesting features that will help you increase your followers.

We are happy that you are our visitor and we would like if you come to visit us again. Motivation gets to us by all of you people because we do it that way. As a team, we want suggestions and we would love if you reach us to share your opinions. It is important to us so we can get more free instagram followers for all of our visitors. Have a great day and do not forget to share your experience here with your friends.

How to get free instagram followers without any service?

How to get free instagram followers without any service?

Many of you came to this website to find the easiest way of getting free followers for instagram, but is there a way of increasing your fans without actually paying and finishing tasks to “artificially” increase them?

Yes, there are many ways of doing it. They are a bit harder but it is worth the effort.


  • Using #hashtags

The hashtag strategy is a good way to increase your followers with those people that do the stuff and activities you both love to do. Not only that you will promote your profile but also you will find people that you can easily communicate with.

  • Adding comments

Maybe you have never thought that if you comment on other profiles (you mostly need relevant ones) you can manage to have thousands of new people. If you are good at giving compliments, this method will surely suit you the most to increase your profile followers.

  • The stories

As you know, the instagram stories update gave a new dimension of how the people spend their day on instagram. You can use this feature to record your daily activities and hope to get on the top 10 list at your friends wall. You might ask, what is the point of this? Good question! But you probably didn’t know that once you appear at your friends place, you also get on their friend walls as well!


All of these tricks require a lot of time to be focused on so they can show results, but we assure you that if you want to increase your instagram followers for free on the most natural way, these are the right steps of doing that. Of course, there are a lot of other methods but we are going to talk about on that at a later date.

Thank you for reading!

The short story about Instagram

The short story about Instagram

As a photo sharing social media service, Instagram was released 6 years ago  (October 6, 2010). The creators Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom made the application for iOS at the beginning and what is most interesting, the android version came out 2 years after the iOS one. The Instagram as we currently know, was acquired by Facebook in 2012 where it was bought in stock for about 1 billion of dollars.

According to many experts, Mark made a super decision about buying it and making the followers world a bit more exciting. From that time, a lot of new updates and upgrades are included on the service every week or two where the developers are always surprising us with spectacular and unique fun features. As we could see from the latest updates, they mostly work on adding extra image filters so the people can actually apply effects on their photos.

The trends

With Instagram becoming more and more popular, a lot of new trends appeared where the affected target group are the teens (selfie, hashtag, etc…).

If we talk about the users, the analytics are showing that by the end of 2010, Instagram had around one million of active users versus the number of 600 millions in 2017 (yes, you read that right). Another interesting information is that 68% of the profiles are females while only 32% of them are males. In addition to that, more than 85% of the users is the young population (less than 35 years).

There are lots of other plans for the future of this application. The analyses are also showing that the Instagram will still keep growing and new trends are going to appear that will give the social media world some meaning!

Albums on Instagram?

Albums on Instagram?

As seen from the latest information that came from the Instagram team, they are preparing another pretty big update that will give the users the ability to create and organize albums where they will probably be able to upload pictures as well as videos.

The most interesting part is that each album can be set as separate addition to the profile or to be put on a post, cool, right?

Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

instagram new feature

Number of photos uploaded to Instagram?

Number of photos uploaded to Instagram?

We decided to share an interesting fact about Instagram. What do you think, how many photos have been added and uploaded to Instagram since the beginning?
Over than 20 billion photos has been shared through the network and more than 15 million are added each day!

Yes, we know! These number are enormous but the facts stated by the infographic gives all of these details.

If we make a simple math and we count each image as 120 kbs of memory, 20 billion * 120 will be equal to 2235 terabytes of memory!

Controlling the comments area

Controlling the comments area

As of the newest changes of Instagram, the latest update that we have from their team is the option to disable the comments area. Awesome right? Imagine you have a picture of you and you like it a lot, but someone come and comment you the opposite… You will feel bad, you know that. But thanks to them this new option is something that most of the users will use it without a hesitation. Post your desired picture or video and let them like it or just leave the profile as it is.

The new option is located in “Advanced  Settings” > “Turn off comments”.