Free Instagram Followers Newest Method

Free Instagram Followers Newest Method

Free instagram followers? You have come to this website to find a way of how to get free instagram followers, am I right? Well, you found the right website for your request. Here we are not talking about some instagram followers hack but for real followers following your account.

In this post, we are going to write a short review about the method and will explain every single step separately. Please read everything and do not miss a thing that will result in a wrong usage from your side.

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Why is Instagram so important?

As a social network, instagram is getting popular every day and the possibilities you can use from the website and its applications are enormous.

Being part of something that big is opening a lot of “doors”. Everyone wants to become the star as quick as possible. Whether you want to make your private profile popular or your business, our instagram followers tool will perfectly fits you.


How to get free instagram followers?

Few lines below, you will find our generator where you can put the number (limited) of followers you want on your account, as well as your username. It is important that the account is public and is older than 30 days. We can not deliver anything to profiles set to private.

The followers-like is not connected to instagram or any other third-party company on any way.

If this instagram followers method is not working for you:

  • You can try again after 24 hours.
  • Wait for few weeks until we finish and present a new way where you can get them in an instant.
  • Try to contact us so we can take a deeper look over the problem.

How to use the instagram followers tool?

  1. Enter the username of your instagram profile
  2. Write down the amount of followers you want (maximum is 1.000 – we won’t accept more than that).
  3. Verify yourself and you are ready to go.

Other ways of getting free instagram followers?

Except using our tool, there are plenty of different ways to become popular on one of the biggest networks on the internet.

– Following and liking.
By following random people (of your interests) and liking their videos and pictures is proven that increase the followers rate. How? – they will be happy of you actually doing that and 80% of them are going to follow you back.

– Posting hashtags

People love to use hashtags, as well as checking them for several times in a day. So if you are taking a good number of pictures on a daily basis, then your best thing to do is to post popular hashtags along with your post. Do not be afraid to use many hashtags so that you can gather more free instagram followers each time you do that.

– Buying followers

This is something that should be your last option, but I would say, it should also be your best asset.
When we talk about spending money to get the instagram popularity everyone is seeking – it is not a bad option after all. The thing that matters here is are you going to find the real and those that are not fake sellers. So far, we have not found very good seller and we can not recommend anything, but I assure you that once you find it, spending some bucks will surely make you more than happy about the results.


Need more details about the promotions?

For more interesting posts, you can check our blog and find all of the information you need.

The followers for instagram we provide can not be found on any other place. That is due to the fact we do not use anything that will be against the terms and we do not use any hacks and tricky ways of delivering them.

 A video example of the method (the old website design):

If you are stuck somewhere or you have something to report, please use the contact page to reach us. When explaining what is wrong with as much information as possible we can act fast without delays.

By leaving a feedback below, you show the others the outcome of our instagram tool. Thank you for your time.


How to get free instagram followers without any service?

How to get free instagram followers without any service?

Many of you came to this website to find the easiest way of getting free followers for instagram, but is there a way of increasing your fans without actually paying and finishing tasks to “artificially” increase them?

Yes, there are many ways of doing it. They are a bit harder but it is worth the effort.


  • Using #hashtags

The hashtag strategy is a good way to increase your followers with those people that do the stuff and activities you both love to do. Not only that you will promote your profile but also you will find people that you can easily communicate with.

  • Adding comments

Maybe you have never thought that if you comment on other profiles (you mostly need relevant ones) you can manage to have thousands of new people. If you are good at giving compliments, this method will surely suit you the most to increase your profile followers.

  • The stories

As you know, the instagram stories update gave a new dimension of how the people spend their day on instagram. You can use this feature to record your daily activities and hope to get on the top 10 list at your friends wall. You might ask, what is the point of this? Good question! But you probably didn’t know that once you appear at your friends place, you also get on their friend walls as well!


All of these tricks require a lot of time to be focused on so they can show results, but we assure you that if you want to increase your instagram followers for free on the most natural way, these are the right steps of doing that. Of course, there are a lot of other methods but we are going to talk about on that at a later date.

Thank you for reading!

The short story about Instagram

The short story about Instagram

As a photo sharing social media service, Instagram was released 6 years ago  (October 6, 2010). The creators Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom made the application for iOS at the beginning and what is most interesting, the android version came out 2 years after the iOS one. The Instagram as we currently know, was acquired by Facebook in 2012 where it was bought in stock for about 1 billion of dollars.

According to many experts, Mark made a super decision about buying it and making the followers world a bit more exciting. From that time, a lot of new updates and upgrades are included on the service every week or two where the developers are always surprising us with spectacular and unique fun features. As we could see from the latest updates, they mostly work on adding extra image filters so the people can actually apply effects on their photos.

The trends

With Instagram becoming more and more popular, a lot of new trends appeared where the affected target group are the teens (selfie, hashtag, etc…).

If we talk about the users, the analytics are showing that by the end of 2010, Instagram had around one million of active users versus the number of 600 millions in 2017 (yes, you read that right). Another interesting information is that 68% of the profiles are females while only 32% of them are males. In addition to that, more than 85% of the users is the young population (less than 35 years).

There are lots of other plans for the future of this application. The analyses are also showing that the Instagram will still keep growing and new trends are going to appear that will give the social media world some meaning!

Albums on Instagram?

Albums on Instagram?

As seen from the latest information that came from the Instagram team, they are preparing another pretty big update that will give the users the ability to create and organize albums where they will probably be able to upload pictures as well as videos.

The most interesting part is that each album can be set as separate addition to the profile or to be put on a post, cool, right?

Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

instagram new feature

Number of photos uploaded to Instagram?

Number of photos uploaded to Instagram?

We decided to share an interesting fact about Instagram. What do you think, how many photos have been added and uploaded to Instagram since the beginning?
Over than 20 billion photos has been shared through the network and more than 15 million are added each day!

Yes, we know! These number are enormous but the facts stated by the infographic gives all of these details.

If we make a simple math and we count each image as 120 kbs of memory, 20 billion * 120 will be equal to 2235 terabytes of memory!

Controlling the comments area

Controlling the comments area

As of the newest changes of Instagram, the latest update that we have from their team is the option to disable the comments area. Awesome right? Imagine you have a picture of you and you like it a lot, but someone come and comment you the opposite… You will feel bad, you know that. But thanks to them this new option is something that most of the users will use it without a hesitation. Post your desired picture or video and let them like it or just leave the profile as it is.

The new option is located in “Advanced  Settings” > “Turn off comments”.