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As we go into the later stages of 2018 a lot of changes have been happening to the social media networks and we all know the impact of being part of any of these networks, especially Instagram.

Most businesses as well as many actors, popular athletes and singers use their own profiles to promote their work and services they provide.

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free instagram followers

User-certified methods of obtaining followers


  • Followers-Like App (RECOMMENDED!)

This app of ours came out only recently, and yet has proven itself  to keep up with even the best of these kinds of apps. This application comes in two variants, one for Windows and one for Android.

The function of the app is quite simple, as it incorporates task-reward techniques, as well as a sign-up system for easy management of your account’s points(yes this is a points based app). According to previous users, it takes only a little while to get used to the app and how to properly use it, thanks in part to the help section contained inside where the process is described in full in short, concise sentences. You can find both the android and desktop versions below. 

Fast and reliable app that can be used anywhere
Easy Account Creation
Fast followers Delivery
Secure Environment
Windows Desktop
Excellent choice for the desktop user
Easy Account Creation
Fast Followers Delivery
Secure Environment

Other methods of getting free instagram followers


  • Addmefast

Addmefast is a one-of-a-kind of a network that will help you literally grow your social presence on almost every social network that you can think of, but mostly on Instagram.

The main goal on this web service is to make connection between the users on the networks by letting them like/subscribe/view each others’ profiles. For each action you do, you get a particular amount of points that you can later use them for your own benefit (getting likes, follower, etc… for your profile or page). They do not have an action limit, which means you can use it for as long and as much as you want.

  • The Follow/Unfollow strategy

This is pretty much self-explanatory. In short, the trick that is behind this strategy is to follow people/businesses’ profiles that are either in your “niche” or close to it. After you do that you are supposed to wait until they follow you back and then you un-follow them. The success ratio of this is around 1:8 which means for every 8th person you follow, one will follow you back. Do not be aggressive when doing this, otherwise Instagram might temporary ban you for following/un-following people too quickly.

This, in combination with other strategies (but not by itself) that we will talk about below, will surely bring a lot of attention to your instagram and get you a great number of free instagram followers in a short period of time.

  • #Hashtags and comments

You know about the hashtags and the usage of them. But did you ever think about using them for your personal gain? If you think a little bit outside the box, you will realize that searching for the most relevant hashtags and using them in your posts will help the people that are interested in those subjects reach your profile easier. This, along with commenting on other profiles that use the same/similar hashtags makes the greatest usage of the hashtags system. Just remember, do not spam and overuse these techniques because that way you will just make everyone do the opposite (it will make them dislike your profile).

  • Other applications that do the work for you

There are a lot of other programs and applications for Windows, Android and iOS. Those can be officially found on their own market places that do variations on functions to make advertising on Instagram way easier. In addition,  they offer to bring a lot of followers for instagram for free without the need to pay anything for them.

*Note: Be careful to only download applications from secured and trusted sources to protect yourself from eventually being hacked.

*GetFly Followers+

The packages they have on their application will surely keep your attention on using it on a daily basis. Having your own instagram page boosted and getting increased engagement is one of the key points of running a social media profile.

Their 24/7 support system makes this application even more sustainable and makes it soar above every other app that you have seen so far.


*Followers + for Instagram

You want to watch your favorite make-up artist and be sure that he will be interested in you? Then this Android application is just for you. Followers+ allows you to interact with different people in different sections and share each other’s opinions, thoughts and “meet” each other.

The only negativity about this is that they are forcing you to do other stuff before doing any “work” for you.

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